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Rowton Castle-290.jpg

Shannon, what can we say?! We are truly so grateful to you. 
We were so flabbergasted with how you captured half the photos. Your eye for the most beautiful moments and camera skills are immense!
You were so patient with us and our mad lot! And took some astonishing photos. I can't stop looking at the them 😅

When we were looking through I think the only words we said were "wow!" & "How the hell did she even get that shot" 😂 
You really are a creative photographer and the quality is profound! 
Professionalism is on point! And your laid back nature really does help when everything and everyone are everywhere. 
Personally, I would like to say thank you for taking such gorgeous pictures of my now husband with his brothers and friends. 
I can't wait to plaster my home with the most beautiful memories you've created for us to look back on. 
Thank you once again for work and talent!
10000000% recommend!!

Amie & Christian

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