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My name is Shannon and I love to take photos of people. 

The love for photography started from a young age, always snapping photos of my family and friends with our disposable cameras. I distinctly remember my mum telling me I'd be a photographer one day after posing them on the beach, and here we are today. 

​One reason why I adore photography is being able to capture the beauty and individuality of the things and the people that I see, to show the world through my own eyes, but also to show my clients how their loved ones look at them. The minute details, the loving glances and the fleeting moments that could be otherwise missed.

I began to finesse my work through university, studying fashion and editorial photography.
I have 3 years of professional experience in the industry, and I am currently a Senior Photographer, mainly specialising in product and jewellery photography. 

I'm a ginger haired, animal loving, metal music enjoyer who is a bit of a free spirit, enjoying yoga, travelling and nature! In my spare time I like to take photos out in nature and I am recently entering the world of self portraits.


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